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Last Post 17 May 2015 01:53 PM by  Reanimotion
Firmware version [FrankenCIS 5.5.5k]
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17 May 2015 01:53 PM
    555k firmware available for use

    CIS-E - added DPR battery voltage compensation
    Altered source code structure
    removed unnecessary Can_Scan test code from folders
    Added PWM coolant fan control
    Added Duty / Temp table for coolant fan control
    Implemented VSS and TPS off points for coolant fan control
    Moved VSS from test code in user area to dedicated section in general settings
    Corrected VSS pin allocation for MS2 variants
    Corrected fuel pressure sensor setup and output scaling
    Adjusted PWM clocks for eWUR , DPR and Fan (now 100hz, 1.875khz and 100hz)
    Corrected system selection naming in Tuner Studio
    Source code now uses Core.ini instead of MS2Extra.ini to avoid confusion with output ini files
    General code refactor
    Implemented 3.4 baro fix
    Implemented Cranking Fuel for CIS-E systems
    Fixed Flood Clear and Fuel Cut when Cranking fuel active
    Corrected K-Jet usage of GPIOADCx variables, now dedicated named items in outputs and logs
    Added Accel Enrichment (decel already in gammae but accel is separately handled)

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