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MS2Extra 3.3.2 Source code modified to include the FrankenCIS K-Jetronic control system and comply with the conflicting licencing requirements



MS2/Extra source in the ms2extra folder is licensed according to the LICENSE-SOURCE.txt and LICENSE.txt files contained within that folder

All Files contained in the FrankenCIS folder are copyright and separately supplied by Reanimotion International and Released under the BSD 4-clause "Original" or "Old" License

These files are required to produce the object library FrankenCIS_Main.o required to link the final firmware image.


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  1. FrankenCIS_ms2extra.5.5.6k.zip 12/1/2016 8:23:15 PM
  2. FrankenCIS_ms2extra.5.5.7k.zip 3/20/2017 10:45:24 AM
  3. FrankenCIS_ms2extra.5.5.8k.zip 2/26/2019 5:41:48 PM
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