Reanimotion Engineering is producing a MegaSquirt based Digital WUR and overall control option for Bosch K-Jetronic injection systems.
FrankenCIS for CIS basic / lambda
FrankenDPR for KE-Jetronic (CIS-E)
Full electronic tuning and control suitable for Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Lotus, Ferrari, Peugeot, Renault, Volvo, Saab, DeLorean and Ford automobiles
Firmware and Tuner Studio Project can be found at the top of the support page
We have created a new firmware or operating system based on the MS2extra code and MegaSquirt hardware which retains all the relevant EFI tuning, spark control and accessory features, but when switched into one of the K-Jet / CIS modes completely changes the way it interacts with the fuel side of the system.
K-Jetronic basic - controls an electronic WUR block by targeting a control pressure map referencing Time/Temperature. The standard style EFI Load and RPM referenced fuel demand map is them mixed in on top to provide an enhanced version of the manifold pressure adjustment available in the standard mechanical WUR.
K-Jetronic Lambda - as above with the addition of a second map table controlling the Frequency Valve or equivalent. in this mode we also split the additional EFI style tuning features between the WUR and FV where appropriate.

KE-Jetronic - completely different to the first two, No WUR, No Frequency Valve, static control pressure and complete control of the differential pressure between the top and bottom chambers of the Fuel Distributor.

Creating a solution for all versions of CIS and possibly a few hybrid options in between.

Thus the FrankenCIS moniker.

From the EFI side we retain and use
TPS - Throttle Position
CLT - Engine Temp
MAT - Manifold Air Temp
MAP - Manifold Air Pressure
o2 - Wideband AFR
RPM - engine speed
We add
CP - Control Pressure sensing
and the new WUR/Temp map
We consider
the air-plate/cone behaviour during calculations and tuning
the specific Fuel Distributor behaviour
We change injector control into two independent outputs
INJ1 - now isolated and no longer connected to RPM/INJ2 and used for the eWUR or positive side of the DPR
INJ2 - also disconnected from RPM/INJ1 and used for the Frequency Valve or negative side of the DPR

you still have the options of
Boost Control
Spark Control
Idle Control
Flex Fuel adaptation for E10-E85 methanol mixes
manual and self tuning through TunerStudio
Data logging through TunerStudio
Data logging over CAN to race loggers

So essentially the MS2 believes it is operating an EFI system and the new code accepts the control information and quietly translates that to the CIS way of doing things.

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